Hamilton Rodeo | 11 November 2023

The Hamilton Racing Club are presenting the inaugural Hamilton Cowboy Cup & Rodeo. Starting with races on Friday November 10th and concluding with the Hamilton Rodeo on Saturday November 11th. A professional race meeting will be held on Friday afternoon with a bar and music into the evening. The following day will commence with a carnival, country music and market stalls in the afternoon with the rodeo commencing early evening. Our beautiful grounds and towering redgums will be a fantastic backdrop to the night of rodeo action. The event will include activities for children, live music, and of course a great program of barrel racing, bull riding and broncs. The rodeo will conclude at around 10pm with the presentation of the Cowboy Cup. There will be a band continuing on until later in the evening. Families will be encouraged to bring along a picnic and enjoy a fun evening, all within Hamilton. Free buses will help people enjoy a safe night out. Camping is now booked out Buses will be available to and from the town centre there are a large number of motels and accommodation providers in our area these can be found here (Accommodation|Visit Greater Hamilton). Anyone intoxicated will not be able to utilise the buses. Taxis run from the site across town, the site is 2km to the town centre. TICKETS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE